8 Yoga Poses During the Time of Month

Having your period, is a GOOD thing, but when it happens each month it feels as if your world is crashing down on you. I don’t know about you, but for me, one month I feel completely normal when I have it and the other month I am BLOATED for about 2 weeks; sometimes to the point that I actually think I am pregnant, (I am not though; I actually have my period this week which made me want to write this post!) I have headaches, my back hurts, I can’t sleep, my skin looks dull, and I am tired all day. I never crave certain foods during that week or leading up to it, I just want to eat anything I can get my hands on; which often exacerbates my symptoms and I feel that my digestion is working in overdrive. 

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Week 6: Mindfulness & Meditation

Week 6 down, only 2 more to go! Yikes!

I know we skipped last week, but I needed a mental break from just about everything to catch up on everything that I had fallen behind on. I definitely hit my breaking point last week, pushed too hard, fell so far behind, and needed to let go of the pressures that I was putting on myself. No big deal, took a break, moved on, got over some things, and now we are back on track!

Naturally, each week, I never know what I want to talk about and share with you all. I tend to wait to the last minute to write this post not out of sheer laziness but because I try and hone in on one theme, feeling, or emotion that is happening in my life during this week of teaching training and expand on it in hopes that it can relate to you all in your own personal lives even though you may not be going through yoga teaching training.


This week I am talking about mindfulness and mediation

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Week 2: Letting Go of Expectations

Week 2! 6 more weeks to go!

I don’t know where, what, or how to start this recap of week two of my yoga training.  To be honest, it started out pretty rough. My body was sore, I was exhausted, I wasn’t eating enough food, I was getting enough sleep, and felt like I was a ping pong ball running all over Boston trying to wake up for a morning hot yoga class, hop on the train to make it to work on time, leave work to take another yoga class in the evenings, or go to trainings until late, get home, pack my life away for the next day, sleep for what feels like 1 minute and then start the continued saga again.  I wasn’t listening to my body and actually giving it the rest that is calling and craving. I felt too guilty to take a break and stop, eventually causing me to hit a hall on Monday- just the beginning of the week! Unwilling I decided to give myself Monday and Tuesday off from yoga to catch up on meal prepping, getting to work on time, sleep (even though that didn’t happen) and mentally refocusing my energy. Needless to say it was the best decision and the week ended so strong. 

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