balance with b is about living a healthy lifestyle with easy and delicious clean, whole foods with a splash of yoga and wellness. Whether it’s throwing leftovers into a bowl and making it fresh, or starting from scratch with healthy recipes, my goal is to inspire readers to embrace a healthy lifestyle and enjoy doing it! When we start to feel good about ourselves and believe we are worth it, leading a healthy lifestyle becomes much easier!

Recipe Collaborations: I would love to work with you with you to help create recipes for your brand to help promote the product on your social media as well as my blog. Check out a few examples that I have done in the past! Example 1. Example 2. Example 3. Example 4

Product Reviews: I love finding new products to sample that fit my healthy lifestyle and ones that are true to my everyday use. I would be happy to talk about it here on my blog or Instagram if it feels like it is the perfect match! 

Brand Ambassador: I am very particular about the brands that I promote but am always open to hearing about new products and partnerships. If I feel that it feels authentic to my lifestyle and what I stand for then I am happy to discuss it in further detail. 

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