Supplement Routine

I was never rigid about adding any type of supplements into my routine and normally if I did it would last about a solid week and then I would forget one day which would eventually turn into me forgetting for a month and then it would slowly turn into a year. However, I started to pay more attention to how I was feeling after incorporating the supplements into my diet just this past year; for example, how my gut health was slowly improving over time, how my energy levels increased, my complexion became brighter, I was less anxious and so forth. From that, I made more of an effort to stick to this routine as best as I can even though it can be a pain to pop about 10 pills each morning, it is worth it... 


Here is a look into my routine:
*First, I'll do the best I can to update this with anything new! 
*Second, I am not a doctor and these have either been recommended by my own doctors after consultations or by trial and error from me to see if they have worked for me body, so I would suggest that you talk to your doctor first! 


1. Probiotics (Silver Fern) Read my blog post here about it. 
2. Spirulina Capsules (2-4) each morning; Vital Proteins. 
*Detoxes body, energizing, brighter complexion
3. Daily Cleanse, 2 capsules. HUM Nutrition
*Cleanses liver, removes toxins, wastes, keeps me regular
4. Moody Bird, 1 capsule, HUM Nutrition
*Take 2x everyday and alleviates period symptoms. Reduces bloating, cramps, headaches, clears skin.
5. Flatter Me (Digestive Enzyme, with food), HUM Nutrition) 
*Helps me digest, break down, and absorb food/nutrients
6. L-Glutamine Powder; Pure Encapsulations. Read my blog post here
7. SeroPlus; Pure Encapsulations. 2 capsules
*Helps with stress, relaxation, regulates serotonin levels. Similar to a B12 vitamin. I am deficient in.
8. G.I. Fortify, Pure Encapsulations. Read here
*Helps keep you regular, gut health.  


When I am feeling; sick, run down, inflamed, hurt (pain: exercise, headaches) 

1. Tart Cherry, VitalFit Nutrition: reduces inflammation and oxidative stress; in place of Advil, natural/zero side affects, plant based. Doesn't bother my stomach, no bloating, no cramping, reduces pain quickly, safe to take daily. 2 capsules as needed. 
2. Turmeric capsules
3. Manuka Honey, 1 spoonful 2x (not really a "supplement"), antibacterial
4. Organic Manuka Honey Drops with Ginger & Echinacea
5. Ginger Capsules
6. Vitamin C
7. My Morning Routine pills


1. Magnesium (2 capsules) before bed. 
* I am deficient in this, also helps regulate my migraines, sleep, and control my IBS symptoms. 
2. SeroPlus; Pure Encapsulations. 2 capsules. 


1. All of the above, especially if I am sick. The important thing for me is to make sure I keep my gut healthy.