Dairy Free Life; products & brands I can't live without!

I know the dairy free life all too well. As you know I have a dairy allergy and because of that I am always on the hunt for all things that taste GOOD that are dairy free. I think about 10 years or so ago, there was nothing on the market! Everything tasted so fake (especially dairy free cheese), bland, and many of the products available had so many added ingredients making them not even healthy! It was really difficult and frustrating to find things that tasted good and agreed with my body- I didn’t know where to start and spent so much money on products that I thought looked good! Hopefully this list will be you some comfort in knowing there are really good products out there and you trust me enough to try them out! Some things on the list might be old news, but I hope there are new things that you can find….


I think now, we are pretty fortunate and lucky to have a wide variety of products - ones that you can pretty much get immediately where it is ordering directly online or at your local market. Most you can find at a reasonable price on websites like Thrive Market or Amazon or there are many stores now besides Whole Foods that have many of these products below at a cheaper price! (just check the store locator!). 

Below, in different categories are many of my favorite products that I use all the time! There are certain brands that are dairy free that I love one thing from but not something else they make; i.e. might love their yogurts but not their milk- so I tried to also note what I loved from them. Many of the products are naturally gluten free as well, just check the ingredients; as I do not follow a gluten free diet strictly. I hope that this helps you get started and I will keep adding to this list when I find more and tried out! I will try and make this into a print out, but I am bad with technology!


RX Bars (I love; Mint Chocolate, Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, Chocolate Chip; you can use my code BLAIR20 for 20% off + free shipping)
OHi SuperFood Bars (Favorites; Super Green or Almond Crunch)
Elemental Superfood; (raw bars- Dark Chocolate & PB or Mulberry, Cacao, Spirulina flavor)
Philosophie Love; protein powders
Moon Juice; adaptogen protein powders

Simple Mills (frostings, cake mixes, pancake mix, waffle mix, pizza dough, bread, banana bread mix, the list goes on!)
Bob’s Red Mill (pre-check as in a few of the mixes are NOT dairy free)
King Arthur (have gluten free options as well- love their baking mixes!)
Enjoy Life; best chocolate chips for baking!
Hu Chocolate; my first choice- the cashew butter and the hazelnut butter are my favorite ones.
Eating Evolved; all their chocolate, chocolate cups, or coconut butters.

Kite-Hill (dairy free cream cheese, dairy free ricotta)
Earth Balance; vegan butter- my go to!
Tofutti; vegan sour cream- so good!
Siete Foods: Cashew Queso (either, Spicy Blanco or Mild Queso), all 4 hot sauces.
Sir Kensington’s: ALL of their products (Ketchup, Ranch (4 flavors), mustards, mayo, fabanaise)
Primal Kitchen: ketchup, mustard, salad dressings (all avocado oil based), mayo (avocado oil).
Hope Hummus; (I buy the ones that do not contain agave- a few do)
Rao’s Homemade Red Sauce; (just not the “Four Cheese” one!)
Uprise Foods; “Nooch It'“ (shredded cashew cheese)
Treeline Treenut Cheese (ALL vegan cheese, 6 flavors)
Eating Evolved CHOCOLATE Spread
Philosophie Love; superfood honey
GoodFoods; guacamole to go packs


Kite-Hill; (almond milk based; greek style only is my preference/first choice (so good!!); not a huge fan of the regular yogurts (texture/taste)
So- Delicious; coconut milk based (i love, plain unsweetened, vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, plain)
CO-YO; coconut milk based
Forager; cashew milk based; wouldn’t be my first choice, but they aren’t bad!



Enjoy Life; (everything they make is dairy free; cookies, chocolate, kid snacks, bars, mixes) one of my favorite brands and first discovered.
Simple Mills; crackers (all but one-cheddar), soft baked or crunchy cookies.
Siete Foods; tortilla chips, the nacho flavor is my favorite
Hippeas; chickpea based organic puffs; Vegan White Chedder & Bohemian BBQ are my favorite!
Bob’s Red Mill; oatmeal cups on the go
Elemental Superfood (their crumble; use as granola- Dark Chocolate & PB or Mulberry, Cacao, Spirulina flavor)
Brad’s Plant Based; veggie/kale chips
Enjoy Life; bars, cookies, seed bars, snack packs
Rhythm Superfoods; beet, kale, carrot chips.
Rule Breaker Snacks; dessert- blondies made from chickpeas
Paleonola; grain free granola- favorite; chocolate, cinnamon blueberry or original.
Sambazon; frozen unsweetened acai packets.
Navitas Organics; superfood power snacks; I love coffee cacao or cacao goji.
Navitas Organics; different flavored nuts/seeds- all of their superfood powders as well.
Living Intentions; sprouted nuts/seeds, sprouted trail mix, superfood cereal
Tio Gazpacho; chilled drinkable soups; I love the Verde or the Maiz!

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Milk ice cream
So Delicious (coconut milk, almond milk, or cashew milk based. They also make mousse; I love the chocolate chip flavor)
The New Barn; Almond Creme; coffee is my favorite!


Hilary (my go to; they make vegan sausages, veggie burgers, veggie bites and millet melodies)
Kite-Hill; (almond milk ravioli)
Simple Mills; pizza dough mix
Alexia Food; (sweet potato fries- freezer section)
Barilla Pasta; chickpea or lentil version
Dr. Praeger’s; veggie or fish burgers, fish bites, veggie puffs, bites for little kids. I like the veggies burgers or the fish bites!

Silver Hill Bakery (sprouted breads & they make bagels/burger buns!, not GF- love them all)
Siete Foods; (grain free tortillas)
Canyon Bakehouse; (gluten free as well)


So Delicious; coconut milk, almond milk or cashew milk based- single serve as well!
Califia Farms; best creamers; tons of flavor options, large variety of plant based milks, coffees, barista blends for coffee at home
The New Barn; plant based milks, barista blends
Elmhurst 1925: oat milk, brown rice milk, almond, hazelnut, walnut, peanuts w/ chocolate, cashew.
Whole Foods 356 (majority of the time I buy the Whole Foods brand, it is the cheapest!)


Sunbutter; sunflower seed butter
RX Nut Butters (almond or peanut butter flavors)
Georgia Grinders; (love their cashew butter or almond butter!)
Whole Foods 365 brand; peanut butter or almond butter
Crazy Richards; (peanut butter- powdered too, or cashew butter!)
88 Acres; (does contain sunflower oil, but good option if allergic to nuts)
Philosophie Love; coconut butters

I hope that you find this list helpful! Once I discover more, I will continue to add! These are just the majority of the ones or brands that I stick with because I know that they - don’t bother me, taste so good, and I like the ingredients- some of them you would NEVER think they are dairy free! Also, as you know I am sure, all of the recipes on my blog are dairy free! What are some of your favorite brands?