Whenever I go back and forth to my hometown and snap photos of my everyday life, where I am eating, going out at night, practicing yoga, or just out and about in general, markets many of you want to know where to go for this or that when they are visiting Newport, so I decided to put together a little guide/list of some of my favorite places that I frequent or that are pretty popular, healthy go to's and fun! 



The Power of Juice: Located in Middletown. Has amazing homemade nut milks, all sweetened with maple syrup, juices, and little treats (chia puddings, chocolate mousse, homemade granolas and homemade seed bars!) Cashew milks/Almond milks/Walnut milks ranging from a protein nut milk (cashew based, personal favorite), maca me feel good (made with cacao powder, espresso beans, almond milk based, and they even have a matcha blend!  I am also obsessed with their super seedy tahini bars, keep them in your fridge because they melt quick, but they are perfect for snacks on the go, taking to the beach, or work! This place is a little pricy, but pretty worth it as its really the only place on the island that makes their own nut milks and they also have a stamp card so you can bring back your bottles and once you fill it up, you'll get a free juice/milk!

Raw Power Juice: Located in Newport, on Broadway St. They deliver! You can pretty much customize a smoothie and juice to order and this is really the only place in newport that you can do that. All almond/coconut milk/OJ based smoothies, you can add things like chia seeds or hemp protein to smoothies for extra charges. They also have acai bowls, zucchini noodle bowls and pretty big salads! I would go for the zucchini noodles/falafel combo and the smoothies if I were to order from there and I tend to make my own. 

Breakfast/On the Go/Coffee/Brunch

Corner Cafe: Newport, on Broadway St. Gets super busy, all the time, especially on the weekends. Perfect for big breakfast, group of friends, or after a night out! Have the typical, french toast, pancakes, breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, but also have plenty of healthy options too! 

Cru Cafe: BYOB! Liquor Store across the street too! Healthy options for breakfast: avocado toast, quinoa scramble, egg sandwiches, burritos, and also serve lunch: sandwiches/salads! They were pretty good about subbing dietary needs, better when it was less crowded. Brunch on Saturday/Sunday; different menu. Outdoor/indoor seats. 

Diego's: Brunch! Saturday/Sunday menu. I really like the drinks here! French toast, quesadillas, burritos etc. I prefer to go here at night for dinner and drinks! The wait times here are ridiculous so, it's always best to go earlier than you want, have some drinks at the bar or another bar, while you've put your name on the list! 

Empire Tea and Coffee: Favorite place to get coffee. I love their iced coffee addict. They have tons of teas, lattes, muffins, scones, as well as breakfast sandwiches, and a few salad options made to order! 

Dinner/Drinks I am going to list the places that I tend to go out to eat and you can look up the menus and see which ones you love or see which ones fit your needs! Most places you will need to make a reservation for, so I would suggest to do that in advance or if you play it by ear grab a drink by the water and then eat! 

Casual side: 
Mexican: Diegos or Perro Salado (toss up, between the two, Deigos has more food options)
Seafood: The Mooring, Midtown Oyster Bar
BBQ: The Smoke House
Seafood/Sushi/Steak: Clark Cook House, Black Pearl, Castle Hill (you have to go! amazing view)
Steak: 22 Bowens
On Broadway Street:
Salvation Cafe, The Tavern, Mission Burgers, 
Black Pearl (outside bar), Smokehouse, Cookhouse, Midtown Oyster Bar, Diegos, Castle Hill. 
Late Night/Dancing: The Landing, Pelham, Boom Boom Room (Bottom Floor at Cook House) 

Newport Power Yoga is the studio that I go to. It is heated and hard! They do have an "All Levels" class where the classes are around 80-85 degrees, but the regular classes around 90 degrees and the humidity is pretty high. You will sweat A LOT, but feel pretty amazing after. The teachers are amazing and the classes are cheap compared to most studios. The weekend morning classes get pretty crowded, I would suggest signing up ahead of time for those, but during the week you'll be fine! 

Pulse: I've been here once & took a yoga class, but I've heard really great things about it. They have rowing, spinning, and boot camp classes. Check out their schedule for more! 

To Do:
Walk/Run Cliff walk, do the Rum Runner, Madeline or the Adirondack Sail sunset cruise in Newport (can drink if you want, about 1 hour, worth it), Mansions, Farmers Markets: Wednesday in Newport on Memorial Blvd and Saturday in Middletown, hiking at Norman Bird Sanctuary. Favorite beaches: Second and Third Beach