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The GOOD FEST (Philly)

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A Wellness Festival with the GOOD FEST.

"We recognize that wellness is not one size fits all, and finding what works for you is key in becoming the best version of yourself. That’s why we set out to create a well-rounded experience, with informative and inspirational content, relatable speakers who understand (not preach!) a lifestyle, and an unbelievable sense of community" 

I am so excited and honored to not only attend the event this year,  considering many of the people that are going to be there (!!), but lead a yoga class! There will be yoga sessions, panels, talks (food freedom, moon signs, sex/relationships, rejection) food and so much more! Here are the list of speakers, click here!

Where: Philly (click link for ticket for exact location)
Date: August 11th (Saturday) 9:30- 6 PM
Tickets can be found here.

Earlier Event: June 30
Yoga and Wellness, for the Pups