"24 Must- See Diagrams That Will Make Healthy Eating Super Easy"

I recently stumbled upon this article, as it was circulating through different health magazines that I often read.  I thought that this was a great way to display just how EASY it is to eat healthy foods.  Sometimes, we all get stuck in a rut of cooking and eating the same foods everyday.  It is important for us all to change up our diets so are digestive system does not get used to the same meals.  Also, life is way better when we are experimenting with and eating new foods!

The article shows many great ideas (pictures included) for building the perfect smoothies (nut butters, fruit, chocolate etc), "five-minute" nutrient packed dinners, 10 easy homemade soups, tips and tricks to build the perfect salad dressings, preparing a grocery list for one, serving sizes and so much more! Even though, I follow a plant based lifestyle, this diagram is for everyone! (Paleo, carnivore, herbivore, dairy free, gluten free, you get the idea!)

* To see the article, click on the title above

I hope you all enjoy!


xx blair