First Trimester: My Experience & How I Found Out

My first trimester is officially over! ahh! I was exactly 14 weeks last Saturday on March 2nd - the day I shared the most exciting news with you all. It was so hard to keep this a secret from you guys including hiding my emotions and my quickly changing body in public since everything was happening so fast. Everything was so new to me! So many emotions.

technically in my second trimester here! 2 days shy away from 15 weeks!

technically in my second trimester here! 2 days shy away from 15 weeks!

I feel very fortunate and lucky to have been able to get pregnant in the first place, since I know and have heard how hard it can be, including the risks during the first trimester. I truly never thought I would be able to have a baby since my hormones were always “off” - my period would come and go for years at a time and different points in my life I definitely fell victim to over exercising and not properly taking care of my body. Even though it took me a while to realize this, I understand even more now, I never want to take for granted what my body is capable of. Nor should you! I feel equally blessed to have had a strong healthy body and mind to make this even a possibility. Being able to create a little human is just unreal and I am definitely trying my absolute hardest to just ride this wave with everything that comes my way. It is crazy how much more my mindset has shifted and my perspective on just about everything.

exactly 14 weeks in this photo :)

exactly 14 weeks in this photo :)

Alright, so how did I find out?! 

Simply put, I just knew. My body was sending me signals that were so unlike anything I have ever experienced before! I am pretty in tune with my body, always have been, and can tell immediately when anything is off and just different. 90% of the time I usually know exactly how to get back to feeling “normal” and kind of just fix whatever is going on. This was totally different. 

I was VERY bloated and very uncomfortable in my own body. My boobs were growing by the minute and they were in PAIN. Serious pain. I could barely hug someone without wanting to cry haha!! Lastly, I was so tired - exhausted - and could barely get any work done during the day. My absolute favorite part of how I could tell, was the week leading up to when I found out - I was having very vivid dreams. I dreamt each night during that week that I was pregnant in such detail and I would wake up each morning holding my stomach with both my hands. By the end of the week, sure enough- I found out I was pregnant. At this point I was around 4 weeks. still very early! 

So my symptoms at that time: extremely bloated, started to hate coffee (sad!!) and certain foods (mainly protein / veggies) which was very unusual for me, exhausted all the time, and my boobs basically tripled overnight and were extremely sore. 

As time went on for the remainder of the first trimester, many more symptoms and emotions starting to appear. I do think that between the weeks of 4 through about 9 were the hardest for me. I had zero control over my body and each day I woke up I never knew how I would feel mentally and physically. That was a hard adjustment for me and I was pretty emotional. I would cry at the drop of a hat and then be happy a minute later. (Sorry Todd!) Without a doubt it is the happiest and best thing that has ever happened to me, but all these changes were very new and I felt very alone in learning how to navigate through everything- I was still keeping it a secret. 

What I was feeling throughout the first trimester:

SLEEPING: became something I looked forward to every single night. I woke up in the morning after sleeping almost 10 hours and couldn’t wait to take a nap. I was NEVER a napper. I hated them - but during these weeks, I found myself on the couch or back in bed almost every single afternoon. I never knew what it felt like to be THIS TIRED until now. If I didn’t get any work done / errands in the morning, then I was hopeless! I did feel very guilty at first with the amount of hours I would sleep at night and during the day and I had a hard time letting myself do that. Work and working out definitely took a back seat and I had to simply accept it all. 

BLOAT: This one was a difficult one for me. Mainly because, as you all know, my digestion isn’t the greatest to begin with. My IBS flares started to appear again. Even though I had only gained a few pounds, I had to go up a few sizes in my jeans and workout pants during these weeks. My body was expanding and my hormones were in overdrive! I started to always wear my yoga pants since they were extremely comfortable and they didn’t put any added pressure on my stomach. I stashed my jeans away because it was just frustrating and uncomfortable to wear them! My resolution for that, was when I needed to wear jeans- I simply wore the ones that were a few sizes bigger or wore overalls :) The only way that I can compare it to, was take your worst day on your period and times it by 10. BUT, this is of course normal. I will say that in my 14th week, the bloating has reduced more days than not and my stomach is now just a tiny bump and just a little bit bigger by the end of the day. This does however depend on how much I eat, if I get enough sleep, if I am able to workout, and if I am able to go to the bathroom (more on that later.) 

BOOBS: Whoa, believe the hype! I went from not having to ever wear a bra EVER from my chest literarily tripling overnight. To give you a frame of reference, I was typically a size XS or a size 2-4 in lululemon sports bras….now I barely fit into a 12. I am not even kidding you! They also were extremely painful, making it hard to sleep on my stomach, run, workout, and even do yoga! Once I hit 14 weeks the pain went away but the size just keeps getting bigger! 

PEEING: I swear to God the minute I go to the bathroom and walk out the door I have to pee again. It actually became a little annoying haha! I constantly had to leave workout classes, wake up in the middle of the night, long car rides were a little dreadful, all because I couldn’t stop going. TMI I know, but it is probably the most common symptom?! 

BLEEDING GUMS: This one was so strange to me and I didn’t even know that it happened. I of course googled right away (def stay away from google and just call your doctor or you’ll freak yourself out!) anyways, it is common! It wasn’t terrible but happened almost every single day while brushing my teeth or just randomly! The best thing to do is just visit your dentist to also make sure everything else is OK!

SENSE OF SMELL: this one was such a strange one for me and I didn’t believe it when I heard that during pregnancy your sense of smell is heighten! In the beginning I could not be around nor smell coffee! There were also certain restaurants that I would walk by and feel so sick from the whatever was being cooked! A weird one? I can’t walk by or go into a Juice Press anymore because the way the soups smell haha! SO WEIRD!

HUNGER: This was a weird couple of weeks for me because I was constantly hungry but never knew what I wanted to eat or what was going to make me feel sick. I will say that I felt very lucky to have actually never gotten sick in the first trimester, but I was constantly dizzy and had nausea but never was sick. Just to mention, there wasn’t anything I did or took to combat that. I think I was just lucky! With food, I never felt satisfied after I ate because I started to dislike chicken / fish, eggs, vegetables (especially broccoli), peanut butter (all nut butter), coffee, chocolate - really just everything I consumed on a regular basis pre-pregnancy. Bread and carbs basically became my life and obviously not very filling. Therefore, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what to eat and making sure I was getting enough nutrients for myself and the growing baby! Often I felt guilty for not eating fruits or vegetables for weeks at a time because I knew that is what my baby needed, but honestly I could not stomach them. I do believe I was constantly hungry because not only am I growing a baby but also I wasn’t eating enough protein throughout the day because I couldn’t stomach it! They say you should consume about 70 grams of protein when you’re pregnant and I came no where near that during these weeks. Weeks 4 to about 7 I felt the most hungry. I would eat all three meals and three large snacks. I was hungry almost every 2 hours or so no matter how much I had just eaten before. Some days I would eat three large meals before noon! The hunger started to pick up again around the time I was about 10 weeks but my food aversions started to become less (besides fish- still so gross!!!) and I was able to add more variety into my diet. Fast forward to now at 14 weeks, my hunger levels feel back to “normal” on most days but I do eat an extra snack a day! More on this to come! 

  1. Foods I constantly ate and craved: Bagels! I hardly ever ate bagels before but I became obsessed with eating bagels with non dairy cream cheese and avocado. Peanut butter Puffins (the cereal), rice cakes, toast with non dairy butter, sweet potatoes, non dairy yogurts. Basically a lot of carbs and very plain foods. 

  2. When I loved PB again, I started to eat almost 3 peanut butter sandwiches a day! When I started to eat eggs again, I craved a scrambled egg sandwich with honey mustard, cream cheese, pickles, and avocado. Gross!!! (But I loved it and ate it often). I also started to crave TONS of apples with PB (when I loved PB). I actually hate fruit, so this was a new one for me! It was seriously the only snack I wanted. Lastly, I think I made banana bread 3x a week and ate it all- was so obsessed!

  3. That is really all I craved! I disliked more foods than liked, but knew that the time would pass and I would be able to enjoy more foods later on as the weeks progressed.

That is about it for the first trimester! I am going to share a blog post on how my workouts have changed and how I am eating differently soon! Please know that this is all based on my own personal experience and what I am currently going through!

Even though I am NO pro at this whole pregnancy thing, I will say that if you are pregnant right now and going through the first trimester for the first time, is to simply just accept all of the changes that your body goes through. Easier said than done of course. I would become very emotional at all the changes and constantly felt my anxiety creeping back in. I was happy one minute and then depressed another. I think the unknown is what scared me the most, not knowing what to expect since we are ALL different. Now entering my second trimester, I can positively say that my symptoms are getting better and I genuinely feel more like myself again! Don’t worry about how much you are eating or what you aren’t eating enough of, if you made it to your workout class or didn’t, if you had to sleep ALL day. It all evens out. You are growing a baby!! The most important thing is to listen to those cues your body is giving you and understand it is what the baby needs at this time. 

Can’t wait to share more updates, as things are already changing AGAIN and I am just starting my second trimester.

by the way, this is the current size of my baby at 14 weeks :)

by the way, this is the current size of my baby at 14 weeks :)