PreNatal Care Routine

Today, I wanted to share with you my prenatal care routine! I want to primarily talk about what I am focusing on to keep both my body and baby healthy during my pregnancy; talking all things supplements and vitamins as well as my self-care routine. Before we dive in, I want to make it clear that you should always consult with your doctor before trying anything new, especially when you are pregnant. Everything I am sharing with you today, has been approved as safe, by my OBGYN for me to take while I am pregnant! 

As I write this blog post, I am currently halfway through my pregnancy. I feel extremely relieved to be in the second trimester as the first was challenging for me. My typical routine pre-pregnancy no longer existed, I was constantly exhausted, I had little control over my body, exercising was sporadic, and it was extremely difficult to eat foods that I once loved and my body needed- protein, fruits, vegetables, & enough fiber- my body was rejecting them! Which, is why it is extremely important to make sure you are taking your vitamins/supplements, especially your prenatal vitamin. If you are not getting enough nutrients yourself because of food aversions or things such as morning sickness, taking your prenatal vitamin will ensure that the baby is getting the nutrients that they need in order to continue to develop throughout the pregnancy.  However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy because prenatal vitamins are meant to supplement an already-healthy diet. Some days were harder than others to find that balance with fresh vegetables, complex carbohydrates, variety of fruits, and lean proteins, but knowing that I was taking my prenatal vitamin to help cover these nutritional gaps, every single morning made me feel better. 

The supplements that I am currently taking during my pregnancy are from Pure Encapsulations. I trust this brand tremendously and used many of their other products, pre-pregnancy and continued to do so during! I love that theymanufacture a line of hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements. While taking a few of their products, I have experienced such personal positive results in my overall health. You may remember that I dedicated a blog postin how their l-glutamine powder transformed my gut health for the better, as well as partnering with them to learn more about my geneticsand which vitamins my body was most deficit in and how a few of their supplements would benefit my body the most. 

SO, which ones have I added into my routine now that I am pregnant: 

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Week 19 Baby Update!

I can’t believe that I am almost half way there. In just a little over a week I will hit 20 weeks! It makes me a little sad - time is just flying. The last few weeks I have been experiencing so many new changes, some positive and others that I have been struggling with. However, around this week and the weeks leading up, have been the most “enjoyable” and I am slowly starting to feel my happiest - despite everything going on! This isn’t to say that I wasn’t happy or grateful for the first few months - but to be honest - it was HARD. I was experiencing so many changes so fast (which you can read about here) making it a bit challenging to go about my day. It was just all so new and different and it was something that I starting to come to terms with as I began to feel like my new “normal” self. 

18 weeks and 4 days!

18 weeks and 4 days!

Once 15-16 weeks hit, I felt that I was finally starting to grow a little bump. Before, I felt that I looked constantly bloated and felt inflamed all over. I am waiting for the day that everyone says you wake up one day and POP - your belly seemed to have grown overnight! I had my 18 week check up the other day and it was a bit of a scary one- which I will get to in a bit. Moving forward, I will see my doctor every 4 weeks for a check up. We haven’t done too much planning as of right now for the baby, but are starting to look into a doctor for her when she is born. As you all know, we have been in the process of moving the last month and are finally settled into our new apartment. Things are everywhere so we will wait until over the summer to set up her room! We are also in the midst of planning our wedding and are leaving for Palm Springs at the end of April and then will travel to LA to get married the first weekend of May! Even though things have been so chaotic and a bit overwhelming - they are all things that I am looking forward to so much. 

Right now, the baby is the size of a croissant (18 weeks!) and she probably weighs around 6-7 ounces. So tiny! At 18 weeks we also had an ultrasound, a check in with the doctor, as well as an anatomy scan of the baby to make sure that every little part of the baby is developing as she should. This was a bit of a rough visit for me. My original apt. date was Monday, but we went into the doctors office for an emergency visit on the Friday before the weekend because the Tuesday before and that Friday morning, I was experiencing some bleeding. I think that was truly the most scared I have ever felt - I couldn’t stop crying, shaking, and immediately thought of the worst. Also, I was googling just about everything, which did not help at all. I don’t suggest that! I let the doctor know and they had me come in right away - I drove so fast to get there! 

When I arrived, I had an ultrasound, the anatomy scan, a cervix examination, and a scan of my ovaries, pelvic etc. We heard the baby’s heartbeat and I felt so relieved. We saw her on the ultrasound and her heartbeat was completely normal. The anatomy scan took about 45 minutes and thankfully everything was in the right place and developing just as it should- her brain, kidneys, fingers/toes, bones - I can’t even describe how happy I was at that moment. The doctor checked my ovaries and to see if my pelvic was a bit lower and maybe that was causing the bleeding. BUT- I was 100% fine. I was sent home, with an updated picture of our baby - she has the cutest little nose and lips - and felt that I could go into the weekend feeling pretty content with the visit. I still had to return on Monday for a follow up. I took it easy over the weekend, no working out (which I haven’t worked out in the last 2 weeks). 

I went back to the doctors on Monday with my mom - just to follow up with the bleeding and it still is a bit of a mystery. It was a bit of a wake up call for me. I tend to push myself in just about everything and have a hard time resting. After experiencing this, I realize just how fragile life can be and am understanding that there is NO need to always go go go. The doctor said that I could workout again, even though she typically has patients wait 2 weeks after bleeding. I am going to ease back into everything, walks, yoga, etc. To be honest, not working out the last 2 weeks I actually feel better, more rested, less bloated but mentally I need to move/exercise. Glad that day and week are something in the past and truly hope that I do not have to experience that again. 

Ok so what else is new: 

Migraines: The last few weeks, my migraines have come back stronger than ever. I have started to take my magnesium vitamins again (approved by my doctor) which not only help with migraines, but also your digestion! I am also allowed to take tylenol as well as certain prescription medications - but I am holding off to resorting to those two options for now. Mine are usually triggered by lack of sleep, stress, and of course hormones. I try and drink more water than I think I should be having, having caffeine in the morning, getting fresh air outside, and focus on catching up on sleep when I can. Migraines are super debilitating and can be challenging to pin point your triggers - if you let it go too long without any prevention there is no turning back. I try and look for signs before it becomes at its worst point and then take the necessary precautions. My signs are usually brain fog, irritable, vision changes, extreme pain as to what feels like its happening behind my eyes, and I often see spots. 

Insomnia: I can’t sleep. at all! I typically start to become tired around 930 PM and usually go to bed around that time. I often wake up either at midnight or 3 AM and then will stay up for good- until I go to bed the next day. This has been frustrating and challenging for me. To try and sleep throughout the night, I have been testing out a few things: taking a warm salt bath before bed or dinner, reading before bed, not drinking any water (or much of it!) past dinner time, having a diffuser in our room, and making sure I ate enough protein before bed (or at dinner.) I typically wake up to go to the bathroom or because I am hungry. This is something that I think I will have to get used to and just make sure I can find the time to rest during the day if needed! 

Constipation: Ugh, this one deserves it’s own blog post. This is pretty common for pregnant women so I am not entirely concerned about it, but it makes for really uncomfortable days/weeks. Before baby, this was something that I constantly struggled with my whole life. I would go weeks without going to the bathroom and that was not healthy or good at all. I do take medication every single day and it does help tremendously, but now being pregnant it has been a bit harder. My digestion has slowed down a great deal and I have to remember to eat smaller meals throughout the day and drink plenty of fluids as well as moving each day. Things that help me as of right now - oatmeal. I don’t want to jinx this, but I have oatmeal every single morning - if I can - and it helps so much! Other things, are making sure I am not eating too much fiber, adding more fruit into my diet, and having a bit of caffeine in the morning after I have eaten breakfast. Not being able to go can make pregnancy challenging and making you feel extra bloated and full. I am going to continue to experiment with more things and if anyone wants I can add them in later! 

Vivid dreams: I love this one- sometimes. I have the most vivid dreams every single night and can remember every single thing the next day! Often times, these dreams are what wakes me up too! They are weird dreams and they obviously do not make any sense, but this is the only time in my life that I have ever remembered any of them! 

That is all I can think of for now! I do tend to forgot a lot of things now….but everyone says that is “baby brain” 

There is no new foods that I am craving. I do crave carbonated drinks! I am eating more fruit than usual (oranges, apples, bananas, blackberries are my favorite right now!). I am happy that I am starting to eat fish again and vegetables! I am a bit turned off by meat again, but as long as I am continuing to eat eggs/fish I feel good! I don’t think that my appetite has increased dramatically, there are some days that I eat an extra snack or two and others I get so distracted that I might just have three meals. Foods I miss? I miss sushi! Todd and I used to do sushi take out a lot, but now I usually order the veggie rolls- which are great, but not the same! 

For my belly and body; I love the Zoe Organics belly butter and belly oil. I also use Cocokind religiously on my face! I love all of their products! Both brands make great baby products as well that I will be sure to use when she is born. In terms of clothing, I haven’t bought too many maternity clothes. (I love the brand Hatch and did order a few pieces for when I am traveling to CA at the end of the month since the weather will be a bit warmer). As of right now, I am just ordering a few sizes up. I am LIVING in the Lululemon black leggings and I think I own about 5 pairs of the same ones- they are skin feeling one- so comfortable and soft. They are so great to workout in for me at least since I can feel like I can breathe in them and nothing is tight on my stomach. Workout bras and bras in general are just a little hard. I am waiting to buy anything expensive until after the baby or if I need it for something special. For my jeans, I am still wearing the same brands, but juts 1-2 sizes up. I am loving the Madewell jeans and I find them to be somewhat inexpensive since my body is constantly changing. I know that J. Brands and Sevens make maternity jeans- Madewell does too!

My gums are also still bleeding like crazy! The dizziness and sick feeling has totally passed and probably started to around 15-16 weeks! I do have “more” energy but like I said before, I am sleeping less. I usually crash each day around 3PM!

Working out is starting to become a bit more challenging. I have lost strength and have gone down to much lower weights and I am jogging still at a very slow pace as of now. I get tired pretty fast and winded, so taking breaks and modifying everything is key. Yoga is great and has come to be my favorite, of course! I am still teaching and feel fine- just a little forgetful at time!!

We have a few names picked out, but haven’t told anyone yet! We won’t until the baby is born. Which is August 31st! 

I feel better and really am starting to love being pregnant- of course some days/weeks are harder than others, but it is really special. It is a special bond to share between myself, Todd and the baby. 

In about 4 weeks we are leaving for our trip and wedding - which will be so relaxing and a fun 10 days or so because as soon as we come back we will only have about 3 months left. It will be nice to take a trip before things get a bit more stressful and have little time to travel etc!

I can’t wait to share more as we go! Thank you as always for reading xx

Working Out While Pregnant

Working out and being pregnant was a whole new world for me.

I can’t tell you how many times I googled which work outs were safe to do and which ones were a big NO-NO. I became so paranoid that I even started to google which yoga poses were safe to do even though I teach yoga and have taken many pre-natal yoga training classes. I knew the answer, but I started to second guess and doubt myself. Since everyone is completely different during their each individual pregnancies it can be so hard to understand exactly what will be the best for you as well as trying to not compare yourself to other pregnant women no matter what stage they are in, in their pregnancy. 

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First Trimester: My Experience & How I Found Out

My first trimester is officially over! ahh! I was exactly 14 weeks last Saturday on March 2nd - the day I shared the most exciting news with you all. It was so hard to keep this a secret from you guys including hiding my emotions and my quickly changing body in public since everything was happening so fast. Everything was so new to me! So many emotions.

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